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Inspired by the process invented by Mikimoto himself, to create the perfect spherical pearl that the world knows today, we set out to embody the strong complicated, well rounded, modern woman, who has been shaped by her environment, but is defined by her power, her originality, her choices, and her reactions to the ever changing enviroment. That is the type of woman who deserves the worlds most exquisite pearls. 

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social experience

The idea was to create a digital, browser-based experience that allows us to tell our brand story, and gives our audience a chance to win an Akoya strand - as long as they could think like an original. In this world, the clasp is the key to exclusive content that will inspire, empower, and ignite a desire to become a part of the tribe of powerful women wearing Mikimoto.


Each week we would choose a different social media platform to post a clue that fans will use to decipher the next puzzle and unlock a new room. With every challenge solved, a new level would be unlocked, and the ability to explore more of the story.

We would launch our campaign in time for New York Fashion Week and post our first clue on Instagram: a photo of the Mikimoto clasp, paired with copy that draws in our audience, piquing their curiosity and prompting their participation. Once visitors figure out the clasp is the key, they’ll find themselves immersed in our first room—an exclusive, inside look at the BlackBook event.


As the experience evolves week to week, we’ll bring our brand story to life by sharing our history, celebrating the iconic women who have worn Mikimoto, and partnering with dynamic female influencers who help illuminate the Akoya strand in surprising, unexpected ways. 

ECD: Laura Mulloy

AD: Rachel Sheeran

CW: Katie Lee

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