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Bojangles broadcast and social campaign

There's now only one fish sandwich out there that's seasoned with as much bold, savory flavor, as it should be: The Bojangler.


In this campaign, that seasoning blend became the differentiator in a saturated market of basic fish sandwiches with only the flavoring of a frier grease. Our client was hungry for that special ingredient that would actually set this item apart in the sea of sameness, and the famous Bojangles seasoning being added to this sandwich, for the first time, is the flavor profile to do just that.


Our insight for the campaign inspired a franchise-wide operational overhaul to change the way this sandwich should be spiced. The answer: More Bo Seasoning, more bold flavor and it will get you hooked.

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bojangler social

There exists a very interesting and extensive intersection of humanity that spans "those who love Bojangles food" and "those who also have an insatiable love of fishing." Bojangles fans over-index in this area so hard, we decided to make a completely functional fishing lure that looks exactly like a miniature version of Bojangles fried fish sandwich: the Bojangler.

And because we cannot be stopped with the puns, we called it the Bojanglure.

Professional angler wins a bojanglure

We love to give away the crazy Bojangles creations as a fun social surprise and delight to a lucky fan. This time we sent our Bojangler Tacklebox and Bojanglure to a professional Bass fisherman who not only participated in the Bass Master Classic but even used our lure to catch a real fish.
It actually worked and reeled in a big one. Apparently even fish want to eat this fish sandwich. 

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