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The e-commerce checkout industry has never been so crowded. It’s an ever-growing universe of blues, purples, and the occasional green. And 99% of these brands are doing and saying the exact same thing. It is what we like to call the sea of sameness. Bolt’s difference is simple, one-click checkout. So we wanted to build a brand that communicated this in every aspect while freeing merchants and their shoppers from the confines of the
e-commerce status quo. All this came together through the concept of “Shockingly Simple.” This idea became the blueprint for the Bolt brand.

Launch Campaign

What is a Shopperganger? From the Discount Diva, who stops at nothing to save, to the Ghoster, who has some checkout commitment issues, your Shopperganger is the version of you that reflects your unique shopping personality. We all have one. With this campaign, we wanted to explore the millions of different shoppergangers out there, because Bolt can help you turn any kind of shopper into a lifetime customer.


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The #Shopperganger sOCIAL

Explainer serieS

After the rebrand it was important to simplify all Bolt has to offer to any prospective merchants. We did this by creating three educational videos within our new brand guidelines. One video that gave an overview of Bolt as a whole, and two that dove into the offerings for enterprise and mid-market merchants. Normally, a project like this would take a large budget and a big animation studio, but we were able to work efficiently by creating all designs in-house and work with the small, but talented duo that is advntr studio.

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Fast Company best branding of 2023


ACD art director: Rachel Sheeran
Senior copywriter: Greg Makrigiorgos 

CD art director: Rosi Georgieva
CD copywriter: Haley Gardner
Head of Creative: Jason Rosenberg

Company: Bolt

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