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Love is love. It should be celebrated in every form it comes in.

For Valentine's day, we set out to show real moments of love from real people. By scouring seemingly thousands of videos, my team and I found many moments that moved us, brought us to tears even. So we crafted a story around the most powerful message from a beautiful couple, celebrating their 75th wedding anniversary.

We had the pleasure of meeting Lou, age 101, his wonderful family, and hear the story of his undying love for his late wife Evelyn, who sadly passed just weeks before. With tears in his eyes as he watched the spot we created, Lou said "Evelyn always said that I should get her a Hallmark card. I always joked I could write her a better one. This is the best card I could ever give her"

I couldn't be more honored to dedicate this spot to Lou and Evelyn and their love story.


Teen Vogue

LGBTQ Nation

art director: Rachel Sheeran

copywriter: Amanda Caldari

agency: Rokkan

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