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We won the bid!

art director: Rachel Sheeran

copywriter: Michelle Turpin

animation: Julian Barba & Ronaldo Amador

agency: EP+Co


TOURISM BID collateral kit

This kit was the package delivered to give a full picture of what the City of Greenville had to offer any attendee of the tournament. The video served as an anthem for Greenville to bring back the NCAA to their stadium. The print collateral served as an artful case study on all that Greenville brought to the table. Those two key components really brought it home.

art director: Rachel Sheeran
copywriter: Michelle Turpin
Designer:  Vivian Kistoth
Animation: Julian Barba & Ron Amador

agency: EP+Co

We put in our bid to host the 2023 – 2026 NCAA basketball tournaments and created this video experience to encourage key decision-makers to choose Greenville as the tournament's destination. The hype video ushers viewers around a memento of several scenes from the 2017 tournament frozen in time. This was our way to celebrate and remember past successes to imagine our future triumphs.

The result? Greenville was awarded the 2023 NCAA Division I Women's Basketball Championships (Regionals) and the 2026 Division I Men's Basketball Championships (First and Second Rounds). The combined events bring 16 teams to the Upstate from across the country, with an estimated 26,000 attendees and $11.7M of direct spending to Greenville, SC. 


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