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Bring out your inner savage

If there was an award for beautiful work made with the tightest timelines and smallest budgets imaginable, this would be the perfect candidate.

We were originally tasked to version Lenovo Legion’s spring campaign assets for social media posts, with the only expectation being to repurpose another agency's work into banner ads. 


Instead, had our own ideas. We took Legion’s “Bring out the Savage” campaign as inspiration to make original, emotional content with real people to show how gaming is a lifestyle-- is therapy, is an escape, is an energy, is a community, is part of who they are. Through it, each person saw incredible strength and personal growth, so we developed characters, whose look was a visual representation of each gamer's life, passion, personal strengths, and challenges. We called this their Inner Savage, and at the end, they were able to see on the outside the powerful person, we knew they were on the inside.


download (10).png
download (11).png


The experience with each of these 3 gamers was unique and emotional. They were transparent and forthcoming about who they are deep down, behind the layers of their daily professional life. Each of them started playing for different reasons but they were all deeply connected to the person inside of them that comes out when they live or play without fear, without insecurity, and truly embrace the best parts of themselves. 

Each look was crafted to illustrate exactly who they were deep down, and who they are when they feel the strongest. 


art director: Rachel Sheeran

copywriter: Adil Hassan

agency: EP+Co

special fx Makeup: Blue Whale Studio 

Lenovo Legion: Long Form
Lenovo Legion: Katie
Lenovo Legion: Corey
Lenovo Legion: Eric


We created a behind-the-scenes look at the extensive casting and character creation that went into this project for the next generation of Lenovo Legion Gaming computers. We worked alongside Blue Whale Studios to find real gamers who had depth and introspection about who they were and had a deep connection to gaming, that shaped and benefited their lives. Things got emotional.


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