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eBay x sneakers

Starting a business isn't always easy or glamorous, but our Sellers have no shortage of passion for theirs. Why do they do what they do? Ultimately it’s a passion for sneakers and with eBay as a partner, it's much less complicated. We want to showcase all the ups and downs of the business, bringing forth the real humanity behind buying and selling sneakers, and everything that makes it worth it. 

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On the Come Up

For eBay sneakers, discovering Aaron, owner of Top Shelf Kicks and Shu, Perry, and Greg of .ImageNY was a revelation. We knew immediately that we had to tell their story. One incredibly driven sneakerhead who turned his passion into reality against all odds? Inspiring. Three childhood friends who not only grew up together but grew a successful business on eBay? Incredible. We’re excited to share their ride in Episodes 1 & 2 of On The Come Up.


Senior art director: Rachel Sheeran

Senior copywriter: Miles Evans

agency: The Many

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