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I was inspired by the process invented by Mikimoto himself, to create the perfect spherical pearl that the world knows today. 


We set out to embody the strong complicated, well-rounded, modern woman, who just like a pearl, has grown and has been polished by her surroundings. She is defined by her originality, her choices, and her reactions to the ever-changing environment. That is the type of woman who deserves the world's most exquisite pearls. 

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In addition to our hero spot and cut downs featuring each Mikimoto Woman separately, I also acted as the photographer on the shoot, capturing each of the beautiful rooms the women resided in. Self-made, elegant, and powerful, each of them has their own unique style, talents, environment, and wore their pearls in their own unique way.


The Mikimoto Clasp is special. Unlike all other jewelry, it is designed to be worn front-facing for the world to see. A Mikimoto Woman is special, She makes her own luck, and challenges outdated tradition as well. 

We were inspired to use this clasp as a key, that unlocks the world of our Mikimoto Women.


Leading up to the launch of the campaign, we wanted to sew interest from recipients of paid posts by challenging them to think like an original and giving them clues to unlock the secrets in our microsite experience. 


We wanted to show, through a 360° digital experience, our history, tell our brand story, and showcase the environment and lifestyle of a Mikimoto Woman.

In the experience, you would control what you see and move from room to room, looking through diary entries, turning over paintings, seeing what was last played on the piano, and through the environment, grasp an understanding of what makes each of our featured women so strong, and unique, and what makes her such a perfect, self-made embodiment of the brand.


Eventually, if you follow the right clues, you would unlock secret rooms that give you the chance to win a strand of pearls, so you too could be forever inspired by the originality of a Mikimoto Woman.

mikimoto lock screen.png


The Drum

art director: Rachel Sheeran

copywriter: Katie Lee

agency: Rokkan

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